Best coffee shop In Canggu Beach Bali

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PLANCONG.COM – Best coffee shop In Canggu Beach Bali. No one doubts the beauty of Canggu. This tourist destination in Bali arguably presents a different atmosphere. In fact, not a few tourists dub Canggu as a local tourist spot with international nuances in Bali. No wonder Canggu has always been successful in attracting tourists.

Besides that, Canggu also presents a calm atmosphere, beside the charming nature. This is why Canggu is chosen as a place for a staycation. Moreover, there are lots of places to stay in Canggu. So, so that your vacation experience in Canggu is super memorable, don’t make the wrong choice of lodging.

Best coffee shop In Canggu
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One of the recommended places to stay for a staycation is Citadines Berawa Beach Bali. This new hotel with classy facilities is ready to optimize the vacation experience of tourists in Canggu. Interestingly, this hotel is close to Berawa beach, so it can make a stay feel different, even though it takes a lot of time from the hotel.

Before Canggu’s popularity absolutely soared, this beautiful village and area of Bali was actually most popular with the surfers. Canggu Bali beaches are famous for their world-class and reliable breaks, but there are also great soft, sandy spots for the novice to try their hand with a rented surfboard. Or perhaps you like the sound of a relaxing laze on the unique, volcanic black sand instead, or sticking around for a sensational sunset or cocktail is more your cup of tea.


We have tried a lot of cafes in Canggu and decided to check the reviews about the cafes which you can take care of you can choose for yourself which cafes are good and which cafes that you don’t have to waste time to go there.

Best coffee shop In Canggu Beach Bali, Let’s try if you visit Bali :

1. One on One Coffee Company

Satu Satu Canggu Interior Located approximately in the middle of Jalan Pantai Berawa, Satu-Satu is a popular modern cafe serving typical Canggu cafe food and coffee in a cement and brick nuanced building with a sizable open air area in front of it. Satu Satu Canggu Coffee The coffee is as expected – excellent. The food served here is a combination of mix bowls, healthy plates and there is even a pasta menu. We didn’t try the food here, but it looks pretty good and worth a try.

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One on One Coffee Company

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu

Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:30

Instagram: @satusatucoffeecompany

Coffee: Rp25,000 (tax included!)

WiFi: 10down / 25up (measured when the cafe is full, can be faster when it’s empty)

2. Hungry Bird

Hungry Bird Canggu Interior When we walked into this cafe, it felt like entering an internet cafe and not like a place that serves food and coffee. The reason is because almost every table is used by at least one person, sometimes 2 people, and all of them use laptops. And when customers queue up outside the door and look around for an empty table, those who use laptops remain calm. Hungry Bird Canggu Coffee One of the reasons why this place is popular with digital nomads is because the internet connection here is very fast. But the coffee here is also very good, said Adam, one of the best coffee in Bali to date.

The food available here is quite standard, there are burgers, sandwiches, rice, noodles and several variations of pancakes. Apparently this is not one of the cafes that follows the bowl menu trend! Phew 😉

The service here is rather flat and we didn’t see any smiling staff. Maybe they are frustrated with the situation when the table is full because the guests are carrying laptops. Hungry Bird Canggu Coffee Machine Regardless of the conditions, the coffee here is really good and the internet is very fast. Please stop by here if you are a digital nomad or you just want a quick coffee. And come here a little early if you want a good seat.

3. Livingstone Cafe Bakery

Livingstone Kerobokan Interior Once entering Livingstone, we were immediately interrogated by the staff about how many people wanted to sit inside or outside, then immediately escorted to the table. If you want to sit wherever you want, just ignore the staff who greet you at the door. Actually, this is an effort to provide good service to customers, but unfortunately the implementation made us feel uncomfortable because they kept on following us until we sat down and even asked several times if we were ready to order.

The space in this cafe is very wide and there are lots of spots to sit while opening your laptop. Unfortunately the WiFi connection here is quite slow, although it is enough just to check email or browse around. Livingstone Kerobokan Drinks The flat white we tried here is very delicious, it’s worth coming here if you are around the area. Besides coffee, we also had the chance to try the Energiser cold drink which was very refreshing. The mint and ginger leaves are a lot so it makes the eyes quite awake. It’s a nice cafe, but it feels a bit like being falsely westernized to us.

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Livingstone Cafe and Bakery

Jalan Petitenget 88x, Kerobokan

Instagram: @livingstonebakery

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:00

Coffee: Rp35,000 (add 16.5% tax)

WiFi: 2down / 2up (seems like the speed is limited)

4. The Avocado Factory

Avocado Factory Canggu CoconutA fantastic concept for the Instagram generation! For those who love avocado, this place is the place you crave. All menus here use avocado as the highlight, but they are not just a regular avocado menu. Avocado Factory Canggu Nasi Campur We had the chance to try Avo chocolate mousse, amazing avo burger and mixed rice with avocado. The burgers are really good, the bread is soft, the bacon is tasty and the avocado is just right. Avocado Factory Canggu Chocolate Mousse The coffee here is also really good and it’s worth a visit if you just want a coffee.

We couldn’t connect to the WiFi network because there was a complicated sign-in procedure. So we don’t know how fast the wifi is. Wifi aside, this cafe is amazing! Avocado Factory Canggu CoffeeAvocado Factory Canggu InteriorAvocado Factory Canggu ShakeAvocado Factory Canggu BurgerAvocado Factory Canggu Bowl

The Avocado Factory

Jalan Tanah Barak 52, Canggu

Instagram: @theavocadofactory

Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:30

Coffee: Rp30,000 (add 15.5% tax)

WiFi: when we tried it didn’t work

5. Vida Cafe

Cafe Vida Canggu Exterior If you are into organic food and superfoods, then Vida is the place you will definitely love. On the menu, there are various choices of bowls, salads, pancakes and burgers that are ready to welcome you and all of them sound very tantalizing.

Cafe Vida Canggu Wrap We tried French toast and burrito, both were quite good but not perfect. The burrito is very fresh but very healthy. The french toast is given too much fig paste, but other than that it’s pretty good. Cafe Vida Canggu French Toast The coffee here is also quite delicious and worth visiting for just a coffee. Cafe Vida Canggu CoffeeCafe is quite full and has standard WiFi. It’s actually not a good place to work, but we can see that there are those who open laptops here. Vida Cafe is a great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but please note that this cafe is quite an expensive cafe in Canggu. Cafe Vida Canggu Interior

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Vida Cafe

Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 38A, Canggu

Instagram: @cafe_vida_bali

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:30

Coffee: Rp32.000 (add 15.5%)

WiFi: 6down / 6up

6. The Moose Espresso Bar

The Moose Espresso Bar Kerobokan Interior 2Located with MyWarung® on Jalan Batu Belig, The Moose Espresso Bar is being promoted as a place to enjoy great coffee in a warung atmosphere. To be honest, this place feels like a normal cafe and the prices are even quite high compared to most cafes in Bali in general. Luckily they had a breakfast package which we ended up choosing.

The Moose Espresso Bar Kerobokan Food For a place that wants to be known as a coffee place, they failed to show it. Most of Adam’s coffee cup was covered with a layer of spilled milk. Somehow, maybe someone made some bad coffee and was lazy to clean the edges before serving. The coffee tasted so good that Adam immediately forgot about the spilled coffee, even though he repeatedly complained that his hands got sticky every time he held the glass.

The Moose Espresso Bar Kerobokan Interior The breakfast package they offer is quite a value. A cup of coffee, breakfast (eggs, pancakes, smashed avo), fruit juice and fruit platter all for IDR 80,000 ++. The fruit plate is really small, but that’s enough. The pancakes are dry, quite simple even though they taste good. We don’t enjoy it less.

When we were there, the WiFi was not working. So we don’t recommend this place to open laptops. The Moose Espresso Bar is actually a good cafe, but with the competition being so tight lately, they have to fix a few things to keep it relevant in the good cafe scene in Canggu.

The Moose Espresso Bar

Jalan Batu Belig 8A, Kerobokan

Instagram: @themooseespressobar

Opening hours: 08:00 – 01:00

Coffee: Rp32.000 (add 15.5% tax)

WiFi: Not working