Best Sulawesi Tourist Attractions Interesting To Visit

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PLANCONG.COM – Best Sulawesi Tourist Attractions interesting to visit. As the 4th largest island in Indonesia, Sulawesi offers many beautiful places that attract tourists to come. Divided into 6 provinces, all of its territories are bordered by beautiful beaches. No wonder Sulawesi tourism destinations are dominated by oceans and beaches.

Other than beaches, the island which is also known as “Celebes” offers also several historical sites that are open for public visit. Take a peek to these 10 best Sulawesi Tourist Attractions.

As one of the main islands and the 4th largest in Indonesia, many tourist attractions in Sulawesi are worth a visit for a fun vacation with family and friends. There are 6 provinces on the island of Sulawesi that can be explored, namely West Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Gorontalo.

If you like nature tourism, then this island is perfect for you to visit, want to know what natural attractions are famous for? Let’s look at the recommendations for tourist attractions in Sulawesi that are popular and must be visited below!

Sulawesi sprawls in the centre of the amazing Indonesian archipelago. It is one of their main islands with attractions to please adventure and nature lovers alike. There are so many amazing things to do in Sulawesi! The coastline boasts pristine beaches with crystal waters to match, whilst the contrast of lush mountain and jungle are every hiker’s dream.

Animals lovers fear not there is something here for you too with the calm and friendly Crested Black Macaque living in the north of Sulawesi.

Sulawesi really is a hidden gem of cultural bliss.

1. Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi

Starting from the northernmost province, do not miss the beauty of the Bunaken Island. This island covering an area of 8.08 square km in the Bay of Manado that can be reached by a 30-minutes trip using a speed boat from the Port of Manado.

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Taman Laut Bunaken
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Bunaken Island and the surrounding sea are part of the Bunaken National Park area. Here, there are around 20 diving spots which is mentioned as the most favorite spots for diving among the international divers.

2. Togean Islands National Park, Central Sulawesi

Newly inaugurated in 2004, the Togean Islands National Park is located in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi. Most of the islands are formed from volcanic activity which make the soil is fertile and beautiful.

Kepulauan Togean
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Tourism activities that can be done here include snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs on Kadidiri Island or visiting the Bajo Tribal settlement in the Kabalutan area.

3. Bukit Doa Tomohon, North Sulawesi

Still in North Sulawesi, let’s move from the sea to the hills in the city of Tomohon. Tomohon Hill is a religious tourism spot, especially for Christians. Its location at an altitude offers a cool and beautiful atmosphere for every visitor.

On Tomohon Hill there is a semicircular spot with a ladder around it resembling a Colosseum. This is the part that become the most favorite photo spot, the wedding blessing altar to the stage art performance.

4. Wakatobi National Park, Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi is no less popular than Bunaken. Having an area of around 1.4 million hectares, Wakatobi National Park is a paradise for coral reefs and ornamental marine fish.

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The closest city that can be reached is Bau Bau, Southeast Sulawesi. If you visit Wakatobi, you will enjoy very much snorkeling off the coast. You will be offered the hidden treasure of this country.

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5. Waruga, North Sulawesi

The land of North Sulawesi is also known by its indigenous ethnic group called the Minahasa. One of the Minahasa ancestral customs is to bury the body in a stone coffin called the Waruga. Located in Airmadidi District, North Minahasa Regency, there are at least 370 intact warugas of Minahasa ancestral heritage.

This historic site is a unique tourist attraction and is nominated to be part of UNESCO cultural heritage sites list.

6. Otanaha Fortress, Gorontalo

Shifting to Gorontalo, Otanaha Fortress is a must-visit tourist attraction. As a testament to the relics of ancient Gorontalo people, this building is fairly majestic and has 4 levels.

In total there are 348 steps from the ground floor to the top. According to the research of some scientists, this magnificent castle built on the hill was constructed in the mid-15th century.

7.Lake Linow

If you visit Tomohon, you can also visit Lake Linow. The specialty of this place is the lake water that emits three colors, namely green, blue and yellow-brown. Although the color of the water is beautiful, don’t try to swim here, okay? Very high sulfur content is harmful to the body.

You can take a walk on the edge of the lake while enjoying the view. Don’t forget to capture the beautiful panorama of Lake Linow with your camera. The entrance fee to this area is around IDR 25,000, while if you want to walk to the edge there is an additional fee of 5,000.

8. Fort Rotterdam, South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi is a paradise for tourist attractions, including the castle of Fort Rotterdam which is a legacy of the Gowa-Tallo Kingdom. Located in Ujung Pandang area, this fort was once used as a storehouse of spices during the Dutch occupation.

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9. Bantimurung National Park, South Sulawesi

Sulawesi is arguably the biggest contributor for the location of National Park in Indonesia. There is another national park in Sulawesi area called the Bantimurung National Park situated in Bulusarung, South Sulawesi. It covers an area of almost 44,000 hectares and was only inaugurated in 2004.

In the Bantimurung National Park there are more than 80 natural and prehistoric caves, waterfalls and dozens of species of butterflies. This make the park really pretty.

10. Celebes Canyon, South Sulawesi

Although classified as a new tourist destination, Celebes Canyon waterfall has attracted many tourists from all around the world. The route is quite difficult, but comparable to the view of beautiful rocks which is similar to the Grand Canyon. Therefore the local residents give the name “Celebes Canyon”.

The location of this waterfall is in Libureng Village, Tanete Riaja District, Barru Regency. Once you enter Libureng Village, there are signs on the road that will help you find Celebes Canyon.

11. Tanjung Bira Beach, South Sulawesi

Not only Losari Beach, South Sulawesi has also another one named the Tanjung Bira Beach. The location is at the southern tip of Sulawesi Island, Bonto Bahari District of Bulukumba Regency. Tanjung Bira Beach is famous for its clean white sand.