Best Sunset Beach In Bali

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PLANCONG.COM – Best Sunset Beach In Bali. Bali island is well known for the sunset view which is normally seen from the beach shoreline. The question now, where can I watch the sunset in Bali? Therefore, please continue reading this page, due to you will find a list of 10 best beach to watch the sunset in Bali.

Best Sunset Beach In Bali
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Best Beach To Watch Sunset In Bali

One of the main interesting points of Bali Island as a tourist attraction is the beach, especially the white sand beach. Many travelers said, if on holiday in Bali island without visiting Kuta Beach Bali, then it does not feel to have a vacation in Bali. It has the right point of view, as I note, everyday Kuta Beach Bali is very crowded with tourists.

Several points of interest make Kuta Beach Bali became a favorite beach by a tourist:

  • Kuta beach is one of the best beaches in Bali to see the sunset.

  • Many hotels, villas, bungalows located close by Kuta beach with walking distance.
  • Easy to get a place for dining or to have a few hours hangout.

1.Tegal Wangi beach

A hidden beach and cave which you can only reach by climbing over some rocks. If you want to go inside the cave, you can only get there when it’s low tide. Otherwise it’s too dangerous because of the waves rolling into the cave and the strong current. It’s just a small and rough beach with a few rocks, and if you can get to the cave, you’ll see it’s a beautifully formed cave which is a perfect framing for your picture when there’s a beautiful sunset.

If you want to get to Tegal Wangi beach with sunset, make sure to get there early enough. You can find Tegal Wangi beach easily on Google Maps, the beach is located on the right side of Ayana resort which you will pass on your way.

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Best time to go: Because you have to climb a bit over some rocks you don’t want to be in a hurry to get to this beach. If you want to shoot sunset, make sure to be on time and give yourself the opportunity to check out this beautiful hidden beach where you might only meet some other locals.

2.Legian beach

The paved beachside path is another plus, making it an easy place to take the family on a walk or bike ride. Fly a kite with the kids, grab food from a local vendor, or curl up on a lounge chair with a good book.

A more relaxing beach than its close relatives, Seminyak (to the north) and Kuta (to the south), Legian offers vacationers a place to surf, body board, shop, and relax in a more laid-back environment. The waves here can be large, which at times makes swimming a bit iffy, especially for the younger set (check the flags to see if swimming is prohibited when you’re there). But the wide, gold, and silver sandy beach is an ideal place to chill out, picnic, or create a sand mermaid.

 If you aren’t interested, try to be firm. If you are, you might just get a taste of deliciously refreshing coconut water or a lovely necklace to take home.

3. Jimbaran Bay

No Balinese holiday is complete without a trip to Jimbaran Bay-a sliver of paradise on the south coast. The waves here are calm, and the sand is soft, making it a perfect family vacation destination. Many a sandcastle has been created (and destroyed) upon this shore. The reason most people come here, though, is to watch the sun set slowly before disappearing into the sea.

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Tourists have caught on to the bay’s impressive charm, which is why so many luxury honeymoon resorts, hotels, and restaurants line its golden shore. One of the top things to do here is dine on the beach. You’ll find plenty of restaurants with tables on the sand, primed for a perfect sunset view.

The seafood is uber fresh and divinely delicious.

4.Balangan beach Uluwatu

Balangan beach is located in the south of Bali in the Uluwatu area. Because the beach is facing West, you will have a beautiful sunset view here. There are two spots where you can watch to sunset from. The Balangan viewpoint on the cliffs and Balangan beach.

The cliffs are also popular for (Chinese) wedding photographers, so don’t be surprised to see couples walking around in suits and wedding dresses and lots of photoshoots going on. This makes the Balangan viewpoint a little less serene, but still there is plenty of space on the cliffs to sit down and enjoy the view. There are actually two main viewpoints on the cliffs.

Because the viewpoint and beach is facing West, you will have a beautiful sunset view. So, if you want to watch the sunset, getting at Balangan beach, or the viewpoint around 5.30PM is the best timing. For a beach day at Balangan you better want to arrive at the beach around 12PM. Entrance fee: 5000 IDR parking fee

5.Tanah Lot sunset with the magic of a temple

The Tanah Lot temple is a very popular tourist attraction only 10 km west of Canggu. During the day this spot can get very busy, so we would recommend because of several reasons to go here with sunset. The view with sunset is breathtaking as the temple is facing west where the sun goes down. And soon as the sun is set, there will start another show.

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There you will see the ‘main’ temple where you will have the best view on the ocean, temple and a beautiful Bali sunset.

Getting there: Easily to get there with Google Maps, this famous tourist attraction won’t be hard to reach. Entrance fee: 60.000 IDR per person and 2.000 IDR per motorbike. An hour before sunset to have enough time to walk to the spot, explore the site a bit more and get ready to shoot and enjoy the sunset!

6.long stretched black sand beach

This long stretched black sand beach is a nice and quiet getaway from the busy beaches in Canggu. Only thing is, on this beach it is allowed to drive with motorbikes. So there are some moments where you might see, and hear, motorbikes crossing over the beach. But, the main reason why you’re going to Pigstone beach is to enjoy the beautiful view during sunset with the single palm tree on a small hill.

When you’ve parked your scooter and enter the beach, you have to walk to the right side for about 10 minutes. There you will see the single palm tree on top of a little hill. Another beautiful spot for sunset in Bali!

Getting there: Located 12 km west of Canggu, you will reach this beach in about 30 minutes with the scooter.  An hour before sunset (or even earlier if you want to escape the crowded Canggu beaches).