Cheap Things to Do in Pittsburgh

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PLANCONG.COM – Cheap Things to Do in Pittsburgh. The city of Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania is the city with the most bridges in the world. Pittsburgh itself is crossed by three major rivers, namely the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela. This fact makes the existence of a bridge in Pittsburgh an important thing to support this mode of transportation. The number of bridges in Pittsburgh alone reaches 446! Cool, right?

Cheap Things to Do in Pittsburgh
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Apart from its cool bridges, Pittsburgh also has many interesting places to visit! Let’s discuss what the minimum budget places in Pittsburgh are that must be visited.

1. Duquesne Incline

Here you can take the cable car to Mt. Washington and witness the typical view of the city of Pittsburgh which is the meeting point of the three major rivers that pass through Pittsburgh.

Duquesne Incline
Duquesne Incline

If you take the cable car, the one-way ride is the same as the bus ride, which is 2.75 dollars. But you can also use your own car to go to Mt. Washington! Here is the most Pittsburgh photo spot!

2. Point State Park

Well, for this one, its position is across the river from the Duquesne Incline. The most iconic of this place is the fountain in front of the river.

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To enter here is free of charge or free! Poin State Park also has a large green area that is often used as a place for picnics and playing frisbee for residents here in the summer, you know!

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3. Cathedral of Learning

The building, which is one of the Pittsburgh landmarks, has 42 floors. There is no cost to enter here. This building is one of the properties of the University of Pittsburgh. Apart from the interior which makes us feel like we are in a royal castle, this building also has 30 special rooms called the Nationality Room.

Cathedral of learning pittsburg
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This room was designed and filled by the designated state party. Many original artifacts you can see in it and once you enter the room, you feel immediately in their respective countries. You will definitely learn a lot from these rooms.

Where else can you visit 30 countries in one day?

4. Randyland

Randyland is one place where you can see all of Randy Gilson’s art. This place is very beautiful with various colors. To enter here is also free of charge. If you are lucky, you can also meet directly with Randy the artist who is known to be friendly and chat about this place!

Well, now you know what pocket-friendly places you can visit in Pittsburgh. Apart from this, there are many other exciting places.

5. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

This Phipps is in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh. This place usually holds various events according to the season, so the main collections will change regularly. Starting from tropical rooms, Japanese bonsai gardens, orchid gardens, to palace-style garden rooms and many more are here.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden pittsburgh
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The entrance fee to Phipps for adults is 18 dollars. And children aged 2 to 18 years are charged 12 dollars. The diverse collection of flowers will instantly refresh your heart and mind!

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