Current Requirements For Singapore

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PLANCONG.COM  – Current requirements for Singapore. No wonder many Indonesians travel to Singapore, because the country is clean, modern, neat and orderly even though it’s tiny. Singapore has taken serious steps in managing the COVID-19 situation, emphasizing the necessary measures to safely welcome tourists to Singapore. Stay tuned to find out all the details for a responsible travel to and around Singapore.

Current requirements for Singapore
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In preparing for a trip to Singapore, you are strongly advised to check this website to ascertain eligibility and specific requirements based on where you will be traveling from. Before leaving for Singapore. Make necessary Safe Travel arrangements

All tourists who visit in a short time are allowed to enter Singapore through one of the following:

Air Travel Pass (ATP)

Foreigners including tourists who are visiting for a short time from certain countries can enter Singapore by applying for an Air Travel Pass, 7 and 30 days before the intended entry date.

Connect@Singapore (Connect@SG)

Travelers visiting on a short-term basis for official business or travel purposes may apply through a Designated Facility operator to sponsor/apply a SafeTravel Pass in accordance with the Connect@Singapore initiative on behalf of potential travelers. This can be done at least 14 days prior to the intended entry week.

Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL/Business and Service Visits)

Companies or Government Entities in Singapore may sponsor/apply a Safe Travel Pass under the Reciprocal Green Lane policy on behalf of potential travelers, between 14 and 35 days prior to the planned week of entering Singapore.

Apply for your visa (if required)

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If you need a visa to enter Singapore, please apply through a local sponsor, the Singapore Overseas Mission, or through an authorized visa agent. To register, you will need a letter of approval for each Safe Travel Lane you use to enter Singapore.

If you already have a valid visa, which has been suspended due to COVID-19, you do not need to re-apply. To check if your visa is still valid, visit here.

Do a pre-departure check

Effective from 7 May 2021, 23:59, all short-term travelers entering Singapore via the Air Travel Pass and Connect@Singapore initiative are required to stay at the reported departure point for the last 21 consecutive days prior to departure for Singapore.

All travelers entering via Reciprocal Green Lane are required to stay at the reported departure point for the last 14 consecutive days before departing for Singapore.

Three days before departure, you are required to:

  • Register and pay for the COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test.
  • Send all health and travel statements on the SG Arrival Card via the Visit Singapore Travel Guide1 application or the SG Arrival Card digital service (SG/SGAC Arrival Card).
  • Download the TraceTogether2 app and register your profile.
  • Tourists who use Air Travel Pass or Reciprocal Green Lane to enter Singapore, are required to book accommodation in accommodations that have been approved by the authorities and self-isolate for a maximum of 48 hours while waiting for the results of the COVID-19 PCR Test upon arrival.3
  • Effective from 29 May 2021 at 23:59, visitors are required and required to show a negative PCR test result, except for those from low risk countries/regions* as of the last 21 days before entering Singapore.
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Ensuring Travel Insurance Protection

Travelers who use Air Travel Pass or Reciprocal Green Lane must have travel insurance coverage before traveling to Singapore.

The insurance product must provide at least S$30,000 worth of coverage for hospital and medical expenses for COVID-19. For more information, please visit the SafeTravel website of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

When you arrive in Singapore

Show your arrival documents

When entering Singapore, you must show

  • Approval letter for one of the Safe Travel Lanes.
  • valid visa (if required).
  • Mobile device with the TraceTogether app downloaded and profile registered.
  • Air Travel Pass and Reciprocal Green Lane travelers must present an electronic or physical copy of the applicable insurance policy.
  • Connect@Singapore travelers and Business and Business Visits must present a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours prior to departure.
  • Travelers on the Reciprocal Green Lane must also show:

    14 day itinerary;

  • proof of departure from Singapore.
  • Running a COVID-19 PCR Test

All tourists visiting for a short period of time must undergo a COVID-19 PCR Test upon arrival.

Upon completion of the test, travelers using the Air Travel Pass as well as the Reciprocal Green Lane line must make the necessary arrangements and/or use private transfers, taxis, or private car rental to travel from the airport to your chosen non-residential accommodation. Connect@Singapore travelers must follow the transfer arrangements prepared by the Designated Facility operator.

Remain in isolation after you receive notification (within 48 hours) that your test result is negative. Only then are you allowed to continue exploring and enjoy all that this city has to offer.

All travelers must be responsible for their medical bills, if they require medical treatment for COVID-19 while in Singapore. Visitors who purchase a travel insurance policy with COVID-19 coverage for travel can submit a claim to the relevant insurance provider for this cost.

Stay safe with contact tracing

  • Download the TraceTogether app and register your profile.
  • Keep the app on while you’re in Singapore to facilitate contact tracing.
  • Check in and check out places using SafeEntry in the TraceTogether app.
  • Keep the application data along with all data for 14 consecutive days after you leave Singapore.
  • Official and Business Visiting Tourists must always follow the pre-planned 14-day itinerary.
  • Connect@Singapore travelers should.
  • remain in their Designated Facility;
  • Stay with a pre-declared group with a maximum of 2 visitors.
  • undergo regular tests as assigned by the Designated Facility operator

While in Singapore

To reduce the risk of transmission while you are in Singapore, we have security measures that you can use. Here are some useful tips to protect yourself and others around you.