Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket Prices & Timings

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PLANCONG.COM – Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket. Opened in 2013, Dubai Miracle Garden was built as a lush oasis in the middle of the desert. Dubai Miracle Garden is an incredible family-friendly destination, a must-visit for residents and tourists alike, which offers weekly live shows, a trampoline for kids and has various special entertainment activities, with music, dance and showmanship throughout the season.

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The 72,000-square-metre attraction has themed gardens and pathways, as well as unique structures and water features. These are adorned by more than 100 million blooming flowers from over 70 exotic and indigenous species. The garden has also been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for its flower wall, which is known as the largest of its kind in the world.

Here is a rundown of the Dubai Miracle Garden ticket price for adults and children:

dubai miracle garden ticket
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Adults (12 and above): AED 55

Children (3 to 12 years): AED 40

Children below 3 and people of determination: Free of charge

All rates are inclusive of VAT. In addition to a single entry ticket, Miracle Garden also offers group tours for schools and touring companies.


Dubai Miracle Garden Contact: +971-4-422-8902

Timings for group bookings and tours: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Address: Al Barsha South Third, Dubailand

Among the many additions introduced in the park’s latest edition is a new 400m walking track that provides more walking space for guests. The newly-expanded track will also host daily entertainment, from weekly live shows to street performances, costume and floral parades. Additional planned activities include Zumba sessions as well as other recreational events.

A major feature at the re-opening of Dubai Miracle Garden is the “aerial floating lady” – fittingly dressed in an array of exotic flowers. Those visiting the place can also look out for the recently revamped amphitheatre.

Conceptualised along the lines of a palace, the newly remodelled amphitheatre will serve as an observatory, in addition to hosting live shows. From the top of the observatory, visitors will be able to take in panoramic views of the new garden in all its glory, with majestic floral arrangements and twinkling lights during the night.

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When it comes to floral masterpieces, there are also plans to introduce new floral artistries in partnership with major household names.

DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN TIMINGS, Here are the Dubai Miracle Garden opening hours:

Weekday timings: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm| Entry gate closes at 08:30 pm

Weekend timings: 09:00 am to 11:00 pm | Entry gate closes at 10:30 pm


The new additions to Miracle Garden keep visitors coming back to this beautiful park! But for first-time visitors, there is a range of colourful, eye-catching attractions to look forward to. From Disney-themed spaces to a life-sized recreation of an aircraft in full bloom, here is everything new visitors can look forward to at Miracle Garden.


The product of a licensing agreement between Dubai Miracle Garden and Walt Disney Company, the 18-foot-high Mickey Mouse topiary at the Disney Avenue was named the “World’s Largest Topiary Structure” by the Guinness World Records in 2018!

Over 100,000 flowers and plants make the massive 35-ton structure. Guests can also take their pictures next to other beloved characters from “Mickey Mouse and Friends.”


Dubai Miracle Garden now has a trampoline park! There are 12 custom-made trampolines in the park. Not only is it a great place to engage your energetic kids, the trampoline park in Miracle Garden also comes with security features. The in-house staff also makes sure that children stay safe during playtime.


Disney Avenue is one of the most popular attractions at Dubai Miracle Garden. In addition to the giant-sized topiary versions of famous characters from the House of Mouse, the attraction is also home to the iconic Mickey Mouse floral display.


The Emirates Airbus A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. Visitors can see the floral recreation of this mammoth aircraft at Dubai Miracle Garden. Around 500,000 flowers from seven different species – Marigold, Coleus, Viola, Gaillardia, Snapdragon and Germanium – were used to create the life-sized structure.

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It took four months to harvest the flowers for the floral version of the Airbus A380, while the entire recreation process took 200 days. The Airbus A380 was recognised as the largest floral installation in 2016 by the Guinness Book of World Records!


While the full details have not yet been released, there will soon be Zumba classes at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Staying true to the family-friendly nature of the park, these classes will be available for both children and adults.


With a depth of 20 feet, Lost Paradise is an underground area decorated with a cascade of flowers. Featuring floral houses, bungalows and a decorated walkway, visiting the Lost Paradise is like stepping into a fairy tale.


All that walking makes for tired feet. Luckily, you can always take a breather at one of the many cabanas in Miracle Garden. Furnished with comfortable cushions and billowing drapes, relaxing in these retreats is the perfect way to recharge after a day of sightseeing.


Located right next to Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is another star attraction in the area. Home to over 15,000 butterflies belonging to 50 species, the recreational facility features 10 custom domes — all of which are climate-controlled to give its live inhabitants a comfortable space to fly around. Here, visitors can witness different stages of a butterfly’s lifespan, from being a caterpillar to its final transformation.


As the name implies, the Butterfly Passage is a narrow walkway with a floral butterfly-shaped passage over it. Each butterfly-shaped overhanging features flowers of a different colour, which makes it a favourite photography spot with visitors.


Also a themed passageway, this is a heart-shaped passage and a key attraction at Dubai Miracle Garden. A popular spot for couples and honeymooners, the Hearts Passage is adorned by a different set of flowers whose sweet fragrance is tempting enough to make anyone go through it!


The funkier Umbrella Passage is both instagrammable and practical as it offers shade to visitors during the hotter months. Suspended high in the air in multiple colours, with seating areas underneath, these beautiful passages offer the perfect opportunity to take pictures.

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Younger visitors at Dubai Miracle Garden usually make a beeline for the Giant Tortoise. Introduced in the Garden’s sixth edition, the tortoise welcomes guests at Gate 2, where they can get entry tickets verified before enjoying the attractions inside.


Made with real flowers and plants, the 15-metre-high Floral Clock has designs altered according to the season. Designed by Miracle Garden Landscaping, the clock’s mechanics are imported from the US.


Featuring a comfortable seating and dining facility, the Floral Castle is a must-visit. A stunning floral installation, the castle is beautifully landscaped and adds to the fantastical theme of the Miracle Garden.


Standing 12 metres tall, the Big Teddy Bear is pretty hard to miss, thanks to the giant heart-shaped floral topiary it clutches! One of the park’s recent additions, the cute attraction is a magnet for camera-wielding tourists and residents alike.


Visitors will immediately note the thoughtfulness and time put into this unique creation. An artsy and attractive feature of the Miracle Garden, the Gazebo is a reflection of Greek and Victorian architecture. Represented as a colourful array of flowers, the area is a brilliant, modern-day revival of the concept.


Presented in a wide range of colours and designs, 3D Floral Designs add to the fairytale-like appeal of Miracle Garden.


The Lake Park transforms Miracle Garden into a waterfront paradise. With an array of colourful flowers surrounding an artificial lake, the Lake Park is perfect for relaxing strolls.


There are several photo opportunities at the Dubai Miracle Garden, and The Hilltop is one of the most popular spots! A spread of eye-catching floral arrangements, The Hilltop features colourful flowers planted on ascending levels.