East Indonesian Special Drink

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PLANCONG.COM – East Indonesian Special drink. Papua is an island at the eastern tip of Indonesia, known as the Earth of Paradise. Because, Papua is the only habitat for birds of paradise in Indonesia. This island, which is mostly forest, has a lot of wealth to explore. You can try nature, culture, and culinary tourism here.

East Indonesian Special Drink
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Papua, which is known as the Raja Ampat tourist destination, highly upholds culture and customs. No wonder, for those who like cultural tourism, it is highly recommended to take a vacation to Papua. Here, you can see a culture that will not be found in other areas. In fact, the culinary arts in Papua are quite unique.

If the typical Papuan food has sago caterpillars used as satay, then Papua also has a special drink that can refresh your throat in the heat of Papua Island.

5 Papuan special drinks that you can try when wandering the Land of Papua. What the hell? Check out the following article!

1. Sweet Sour Coconut Ice

Young Coconut Ice must be familiar to you. Drinks made from young coconuts usually have a sweet and refreshing taste. Not infrequently, Es Kelapa Muda is added with squeezed orange which adds a fresh sensation to this drink. You will easily find Es Kelapa Muda on the roadside or at tourist attractions.

In Papua, Young Coconut Ice is processed in a slightly different way. Coconut with long scraps or young coconut, plus 1 teaspoon of basil seeds that have been soaked in water until blooming, coconut water, lime juice, boiled sugar, mineral water, and ice cubes. This drink is one of the typical Papuan drinks that are rich in benefits.

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As the name implies, Es Kelapa Muda Asam Manis creates a sweet and sour taste that blends together and is very refreshing. This drink is perfect for enjoying on a hot day. Delicious and fresh!

2. Sunset Papua

Sunset is identified with a beautiful orange sky, then turns day into night. Sunset time is much targeted by travelers when on vacation to a place. Moreover, Papua is known for its very beautiful sunset, and first among other regions in Indonesia. Uniquely again, in Papua you will find the Sunset Papua drink which is one of the typical drinks of the Land of Papua.

Sunset Papua is made from a combination of orange juice and carrot juice which produces an orange – orange color just like the sunset view. In one glass, orange juice is at the bottom, and carrot juice is at the top. It tastes very good and refreshing. However, if you like sweet, then you need to add sugar in this drink.

Sunset Papua can be easily found in restaurants in Papua. More complete, if you enjoy a drink Sunset Papua while enjoying the beautiful sunset from eastern Indonesia.

3. Ice Fruit Matoa

Matoa is a typical Papuan fruit that grows in lowland areas, up to an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Papua has two types of matoa fruit. Namely, coconut matoa and papeda matoa. The difference is in the texture of the flesh of the matoa fruit. Actually, matoa are also found in Maluku and Papua New Guinea. However, this fruit is better known as a typical Papuan fruit.

Not only the fruit that is typical of Papua, here there is also Matoa Fruit Ice which is one of the typical drinks of the Earth of Cendrawasih. Es Matoa is made from matoa fruit mixed with fro, black jelly / grass jelly, and selected Papuan spices. The resulting taste of Matoa Fruit Ice is sweet, sour, and fresh.

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Matoa Fruit Ice is also decorated with lime and pandan leaves which makes this drink look fresher. Not only fresh, Matoa Fruit Ice is rich in vitamins A and C which can increase endurance. This drink, you must try when visiting the Land of Papua.

4. Swansrai Papua

Swansrai is a fermented coconut water drink served with coconut shells. This drink is usually served to guests who visit Papuan homes as a form of respect for guests. Swansrai has a strong, and slightly bitter taste. However, you need to be careful in enjoying this drink.

Because it comes from fermented coconut water, Swansrai contains an alcohol content of about 20 to 30 percent. This drink is similar to palm wine or arak. For those of you who are not used to drinking alcoholic beverages, it is not recommended to drink Swansarai for fear of getting drunk and not being strong with the alcohol content.

Even so, Swansarai Papua remains a typical Papuan drink that often makes travelers curious. So, it is not uncommon for them to try Swansarai upon arrival in Papua. This drink is also the glue of brotherhood between fellow Papuans which is then enjoyed when traditional events are held.

5. Ants Nest Tea

What do you think of when you hear Ant’s Nest? Maybe for some people will imagine a place inhabited by many ants in it. However, in Papua Ants Nest is a typical plant that is usually processed into food and drink because it is rich in efficacy, and is believed to cure serious diseases.

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Ants Nest comes from Southeast Asia and the island area that grows attached to other plants, or also known as epiphytic plants. Even so, this plant is not like a parasite. The shape of the ant nest is like a maze that is insulated.

Ants Nest has many benefits for humans. Among them, reduce blood sugar levels, relieve hemorrhoids, prevent high blood pressure, reduce breast lumps, maintain heart health, relieve migraines, treat cancer, strengthen metabolism, and become an antibiotic in the body.

In Papua, ant nests are not only used as medicine, but also made as tea that can be consumed by anyone. Ants Nest Tea is made from the juice of Ants Nest which is boiled and used as tea with the same benefits. Ants Nest Tea is a drink that must be tried so that the body stays fit while traveling.

Thus information on 5 typical Papuan drinks that you can try when wandering to Papua. So, you already know, what else can be explored in Papua besides nature and culinary tourism?

Apparently, the typical Papuan drink is no less interesting. Starting from drinks made from ant nests, to drinks containing alcohol you can find here. Are you ready to explore the nature, culture, and culinary specialties of Papua?