A Heaven of Delicious Food, 5 Food Markets You Must Visit in Tokyo

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PLANCONG.COM – Food Markets You Must Visit in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the city’s tourist destinations from all over the world. Are you included too? A visit to Tokyo is incomplete if you don’t try the cuisine. Yup, the capital of Japan is known as a street food paradise that pampers the tongue.

Food Markets You Must Visit in Tokyo
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To complete the excitement of a vacation in Tokyo, here are six food markets that you must visit. Read the full review to the end, yes!

1. Toyosu Fish Market

Initially, the famous fish market in Tokyo was Tsukiji fish market which was founded 81 years ago. Since 2018, Tsukiji has moved to the Toyosu fish market which is twice as large. It is recommended that you come to the Toyosu market at 5 am so you can watch the fish auction while watching the sun rise over Tokyo Bay.

Besides fish, the 4th floor of this market is filled with hundreds of food shops and restaurants. Don’t forget to stop by the very famous Sushi Dai. In this place, visitors are willing to queue since the morning to get a table.

2. Nakamise Dori

Nakamise Dori is located on the 250-meter-long street that leads to Senso-Ji Temple. The two sides of the main street are lined with around 90 shops selling souvenirs, lucky charms, clothing, and Japanese cuisine.

Nakamise Dori
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Some delicious culinary delights that you must try in this place, including mochi, ice cream, dango (sweet rice snack), taiyaki (fish-shaped waffle filled with red beans), oden, and others. Do you think your stomach can not taste it all?

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3. Tokyo Food Show

On the bottom floor of every shopping center in Tokyo, you can find a culinary market called depachika. One of the most famous depachika is at the Tokyu Department Store, located inside Shibuya station.

Tokyu Food Show
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The Tokyu Food Show contains more than 80 shops selling Japanese, international, and alcoholic beverages. It feels great to buy a snack after walking around, right?

4. Ameyoko Market

Ameyoko or Ameya Yokocho is located not far from Ueno Station. Initially, this area was known as a black market after the World War II era. The layout hasn’t changed much, but the dark shops have now turned into snacks, seafood, and souvenir shops.

Ameyoko Market
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During the day, Ameyoko is crowded to buy food. While at night, tourists and locals flock to this place to drink and eat yakitori.

5.Earth Day Market

Earth Day Market is a market located in Yoyogi Park and has been held once a month since 2006. Initially, this event was only attended by six vendors, while currently there are around 60 vendors participating. This market is solar green vegetables, organic produce and vegetarian food. You can visit the Earth Day Market website for information on the implementation schedule.

Those are six recommendations for culinary markets that you must visit while in Tokyo. In addition to various fun tourist attractions, Tokyo is also the destination of choice because of its delicious food.