How To Play Guitar For Beginners, Easy and Fast

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PLANCONG.COM – How To Play Guitar For Beginners, Easy and Fast. The guitar is not only a ool to entertain, but also gives a cool impression to the player. Just look at the musicians holding the guitar when they are at a concert, they look so cool and charming, don’t they? Not only musicians, ordinary people when they can play the guitar will look very cool.

How To Play Guitar For Beginners, Easy and Fast
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The guitar is indeed very popular and liked by many people, both young and old. This musical instrument can produce a variety of popular music which of course is familiar to our ears. For music lovers, of course, they already understand that the guitar is capable of producing various genres of music, ranging from dangdut, pop, jazz, rock, indie, metal, and others.

How To Play Guitar For Beginners
Source : unsplash

1. Learn basic keys kunci

Before you learn to strum the guitar, you first need to know the basic keys to playing the guitar. There are A, Am, B, Bm, D, Dm, E, Em, C, and G. Generally, guitars have six strings, starting from the bottom string to the top. There are two types of guitars that are often played by many people, namely electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

Although both have almost the same tone, there are differences between the two types of guitar, one of which is in the tuning.

2. Determine the right and comfortable guitar playing position

The next step, it is important to know how to play and how to hold the guitar correctly. You can try to make yourself comfortable when carrying the guitar. As a beginner, you can take the guitar on your lap, bringing the guitar body closer to your chest and stomach. Hold the guitar body while pressing the strings carelessly.

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If you feel uncomfortable, you can change the position of the guitar. Make sure this first step is to choose a comfortable position.

The reason is, if you are not comfortable with your sitting position, it will make you not focus when learning how to play the guitar. Steps to determine a comfortable position:

  • Sit in a chair comfortably. Straighten your back and shoulders.
  • Bring the guitar body to the stomach and chest. Then, hold the neck of the guitar with your left hand in a V shape – your thumb on the back and the remaining four fingers on the front.
  • Hold the guitar body with the help of the right leg. Then, try to press the strings naturally, starting slowly to fast to practice balance.
  • Try to hold this guitar position every five minutes to get used to and balance yourself. At first, your back and shoulders may feel sore. However, over time you will get used to it.

3. Learn how to tune or tune guitar strings

When you’ve got a comfortable position, the next step is to tune the guitar strings. Not all guitar strings immediately make a melodious sound when strummed, especially if it’s the first time you buy it.

You need to learn tuning so that the guitar can produce a melodious strumming sound. Not only that, learning how to tune guitar strings is important because it can get your ears used to hearing the right tone.

Here are the tips:

  • Know the string names. From top (thickest) to bottom (thinnest) the order is E, A, D, G, B, and E.
  • Adjust the tuner (the rotation in the guitar head) as needed. If you want a high note, tighten the guitar strings.
  • However, if you want a low note, turn the tuner until the strings loosen just right.
  • The tightness or loosening of these strings greatly affects the tone that will be produced. You can know whether or not the tone produced is right if you are used to hearing it.

4. Learn to strum the guitar

You need to learn to strum the guitar so that the notes you play can sound beautiful and melodious. At this stage you need to use your five fingers. Place your thumb on the top string to strum the 6, 5, or 4 bass. Then, use your index finger for 3 strings, your middle finger on 2, and your ring finger for 1 strings. good.

In this way, slowly you can more easily master how to strum the guitar strings. The most important thing is to memorize where your finger is on the string.

Each guitar chord has its own way and produces a different tone. When you play an A chord, all you have to do is hit the bottom A-D-G-B-E string. Of course, for the key of A, AM or B, the part of the string that is pressed is different.

5. Start by playing one song in an easy key

In order not to get bored while practicing, choose a song with a very easy key or use a basic key. If you have mastered one song, for the next stage it will be easy to understand playing guitar.

Learning your first song is an important moment for a budding guitarist. It’s fun to play along with songs you know and inspire you to keep learning more.