Indonesian Food For Breaking The Fast During The Month Of Ramadan

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PLANCONG.COM – Indonesian Food For Breaking The Fast. Hello guys, wherever you are. Currently the month of Ramadan for Muslims. So what is the most memorable for you during Ramadan? Maybe one thing that makes your Ramadan moment special is the variety of popular Indonesian Iftar menus. The month of Ramadan always gives its own impression.

Indonesian Food For Breaking The Fast During The Month Of Ramadan
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Being able to fast for a whole month is everyone’s dream, of course, but sometimes for women there are times when you shouldn’t fast.

For those of you who are currently fasting Ramadan, you must often feel the traditions that only appear when the fasting month arrives. Starting from breaking the fast together, to the tradition of looking for a typical popular iftar menu during Ramadan, it will always appear to decorate your fasting trip.

Indonesian’s Most Popular Iftar Menu

Indonesia has many popular Ramadan iftar menus that are distinctive and appetizing. Anyway, wherever you travel in this fasting month, throughout the archipelago, you will definitely find some delicious menus that can make you impatient, of course, to enjoy it as soon as the sound of the drum sounds.Aaccordingly, If you want to taste the special menu for breaking the fast that is really Indonesian, here is a list of special Iftar foods that are definitely there during Ramadan. Is there a menu of your favorite iftar dishes that are included in it?

1. Compote

Break the fast with sweet things. one of them is compote. There are various types of compote including sweet potato compote, banana compote, pearl compote, and many more.

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Compote can be one of the fast breaking culinary delights that you mention when you hear the word Ramadan. In Indonesia, this coconut milk drink has many variations of content. However, one thing is certain, in almost all of Indonesia, bananas have always been a mainstay in creating a delicious taste of compote

2. Green Banana Ice

This ice menu is indeed quite easy to find. However, when the fasting month arrives, the green banana ice menu is increasing in number. Green banana ice is one of the fast food dishes from Makassar which has become a special food for breaking the fast in various regions in Indonesia.

The freshness presented by this green banana ice. It’s a lie if you are not interested, the softness of a banana wrapped in green flour skin can certainly make you miss tasting it all the time during Ramadan. So, are you interested in making green banana ice as your popular iftar menu today?

3. Dates

If this one is almost always there wherever you are. This fruit that comes from the Middle East always adorns in the month of Ramadan. In fact, you will have no trouble finding a place that sells dates at the nearest shops.

Its sweet taste makes this fruit suitable for breaking the fast. Accompanied by a glass of water can make the body refreshed.

4. Fruit Ice

Who doesn’t love fruit ice? This drink is one of our favorites, not only in the month of Ramadan. Whether you are at home, at the market, or even at the village office, the name fruit ice is always present as a popular favorite iftar menu when Ramadan arrives.

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With various types of fruit in it, this fruit ice can really bring back the freshness that was lost throughout the day.

5. Fried and Snacks Market

Regardless of the type of fried food, fried food is like a typical food for breaking the fast which must be available for breaking the fast. Fried is like a chop as well as first aid to treat hunger. Fried food is always a side dish that is never left behind, besides there is a unique regional takjil menu which is certainly a characteristic of each region in Indonesia.

Apart from fried foods, there are also other market snacks such as rice cake and lemper, fried food has successfully become one of the popular iftar menus that will definitely sell out instantly. Maybe you are also one of those who likes to eat fried foods as your favorite food for breaking the fast.

6. Cendol

Cendol made from rice flour, liquid brown sugar, coconut milk, and grated ice is sure to be really fresh to quench your thirst after a day of hunger and thirst.

Cendol is a popular name in West Java. Whereas in the Central Java area, this menu is better known as es dawet. You will certainly have no trouble finding this menu seller during the month of Ramadan.

7. Es Teler

Almost similar to fruit ice, es teler has the characteristic of using pieces of avocado in it. In addition, in es teler you will usually find young coconut, jackfruit, and sweeteners that use syrup or liquid sugar.

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Es teler also has many variations in several regions in Indonesia. Like in West Java, this teler ice is better known as ice doger and sometimes it is added with a filling of tape, black sticky rice, and several other fruits.

8. Young Coconut Ice

You could say young coconut ice is a simple menu but can treat the thirst you feel after a day of fasting. This menu is made from water and young coconut meat, and sometimes some other ingredients are added, such as syrup or liquid sugar.

Apart from being a thirst cooler, in fact young coconut ice also has many other benefits, you know. Among them are to replace body fluids, clean toxins in the body, to nourish the skin.

What’s Your Iftar Menu Today?

So, if you prefer to break the fast with a culinary for breaking the fast, which one? Of course, don’t overdo it, just eat and drink in moderation.