Indonesian Food That Is Easy To Make

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PLANCONG.COM – Indonesian Food That Is Easy To Make. Indonesia is not only famous for its natural tourism, be it the beauty of the island or the natural beauty of the mountains, but is also famous for its culture and cuisine. Not infrequently foreign tourists visiting Indonesia are very interested in trying all the typical food in Indonesia, wherever they visit the big and small islands in Indonesia.

Cuisine in Indonesia has been known since time immemorial, the delicacy of cuisine in Indonesia lies in the abundance of spices in Indonesia, so the use of spices in Indonesian dishes also makes Indonesian dishes rich in taste. Every region in Indonesia does have a special food that is rich in taste.

Although sometimes they have almost similar names, each region will have advantages and different tastes from other regions.

Indonesian Food That Is Easy To Make
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Making Indonesian specialties sometimes requires special skills, because it is not uncommon for foods in Indonesia to make them also require patience both from the process and from the ingredients used. So that we can often find in big cities there are classes or courses to cook Indonesian food.

But that does not mean that every dish in Indonesia is very difficult or requires special skills in making it, here are some Indonesian specialties that are easy to make, hopefully they will be an alternative for those of you who miss Indonesian cuisine and are abroad.

These are Indonesian specialties that are easy to make it at home :

1. Rendang

Rendang which is the number 1 most delicious food in the world is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia, making it not so difficult. This typical West Sumatran food is not difficult to find in Indonesia, almost every city in Indonesia has this rendang food available, but for those of you who are abroad and want to make it, you can make it easily.

What needs to be prepared are the ingredients for making rendang, the main ingredient is beef, and other ingredients such as roasted coconut, lime leaves, and salam and others. To make it, you can read on the cooking website or you can also see the rendang cooking tutorial which is usually available on YouTube.

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2. Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the Indonesian specialties that is very easy to make, all you need to do is fry the rice and mix it with tomato sauce or chili sauce, for flavor you can also add garlic and fried onions.

In addition, fried rice is very suitable to be mixed with any side dish, be it eggs, fish, beef, mutton, mushrooms, chicken and so on so it is very suitable for those of you who have stock of side dishes at home, without leaving the house you can make your favorite fried rice.

3. Fried Tempeh

One of the typical foods in Indonesia is processed fried tempeh, in Indonesia tempe can be processed into several types of food, be it a side dish or a snack such as chips. In recent years, tempeh has become known in the world, and has become a favorite among foreigners.

Processed tempeh can also be said to be very easy, if you want to cook fried tempeh, the method only needs to be dry fried and drained, or you can try making fried tempeh chili by adding tomatoes and chilies that have been mashed and cooked.

4. Chicken Satay

One of the typical foods in Indonesia is processed satay, especially chicken satay, in Indonesia there are very many satay sellers on the side of the road. Chicken satay is one of the culinary delights in Indonesia which is not difficult to make.

All you have to prepare is chicken pieces that have been skewered with a skewer, as well as soy sauce, which is very easy to make. The sate seasoning can also be combined with peanut sauce, namely peanuts that have been fried and then mashed, added a little with gulaerah or soy sauce and mixed with a little water.

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Usually the satay sellers in Indonesia, the satay meat is cooked first, which is boiled with spices so that it will produce a soft and flavorful texture of the satay meat, but for those of you who want to be more practical, chicken meat can be grilled directly without having to be boiled first.

5. Gado-Gado

This food, which is usually called a typical Indonesian salad, is indeed very tasty and also very good for maintaining health, in addition to filling the composition of gado-gado can maintain health because it is made from fresh vegetables that are doused with peanut sauce.

Making it is not so difficult, especially nowadays, many people have made instant gado-gado seasoning, all you need to do is melt the gado-gado seasoning by mixing it with warm water and pulverizing it a little. With this instant gado-gado seasoning, you no longer need to make gado-gado seasonings which can be considered quite a long process, namely by frying peanuts, then mashing and mixing them with other spices that have been ground, for example below, fierce and others. .

The price of gado-gado seasoning is also not expensive and quite easy to get in traditional markets, what you need to buy is complete vegetables as well as rice or rice cake as a substitute for rice if you have one.

6. Pepes Fish

Pepes Ikan is one of the menus and also the famous processed fish in Indonesia, making it is also not difficult. Making fish peppers can be an alternative to processed fish for those of you who are tired of frying and grilling fish.

The cooking method is also very easy, that is, just by steaming it in a banana leaf package, the fish meat is usually already boiled first and separated from the bones, then added with kunging spices and other spices to add to the delicious taste of this food.

7. Sambal

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Another typical food in Indonesia is chili sauce, although chili is not the main food but a complement to the main dish, but chili is a favorite in Indonesia, even very many foreign tourists like various chili sauce in Indonesia.

Indonesia itself has many variants of chili sauce, with different processed spices, even almost every province has different chili preparations. But for those of you who want to make a simple chili sauce, one of the choices you can make is chili paste, which is also a typical food from Indonesia.

How to make chili paste is practically very easy, that is, just grind or grind the chilies, tomatoes, onions and shrimp paste, fry a little and add salt and seasoning to taste

If you want to make the shrimp paste aroma more pronounced and also create its own pleasure, you can also burn the shrimp paste before processing it or thirst it. Burn until fragrant but do not burn, then mashed with the ingredients earlier.

8. Plecing Kangkung

Plecing kangkung is one of the typical Indonesian dishes or dishes that is easy to make, the method is very easy with the ingredients for making it also very easy to find. Especially for those of you who are in Indonesia, finding kale is very easy, just go to the traditional market in the morning, you can already find kale in the market.

To make it, you only need to add bean sprouts, fried and mashed peanuts, tomato sauce, and also lime juice in boiled water spinach. The fresh and spicy taste makes the appetite increase, plecing is usually very suitable to be eaten hot with grilled fish and rice.

These are Indonesian specialties that are easy to make, which can be an alternative for those of you who want to cook with limited time and ingredients at home.