Japanese Specialties From Animal Ingredients That Are Worldwide

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PLANCONG.COM – Japanese Specialties From Animal Ingredients That Are Worldwide. Being one of the strongest developed countries in Asia, Japan also presents various capabilities and skills in producing snacks. Some of the articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to Original Snacks From Japan.

Japanese Specialties From Animal Ingredients That Are Worldwide

1. Dorayaki

This Dorayaki cake, besides being popular in the Doraemon cartoon, is very popular in Japan. This Dorayaki cake is a traditional Japanese cake, its shape is round and slightly bulging. In the middle of this cake contains red beans or various flavors. The original Dorayaki cake is dorayaki which in the middle contains red beans.


When you’re in Japan, you can find it in stalls or booths that are open on the side of the road. Dorayaki will be more delicious when eaten warm. Even so, this cake is also widely used as a favorite souvenir for tourists visiting Japan.

2. Oden

When it’s winter in Japan, the air temperature there is so cold that it feels all over the body, especially at night. Most delicious is tasting Oden. Oden is a soupy food that is served while still hot. The broth is made of broth mixed with fish balls, tofu, seaweed, octopus, squid and other kinds of sea. With the sauce still hot, Oden can warm the body and is very delicious when enjoyed in winter.

3. Takoyaki

Takoyaki, a typical Japanese snack, is very familiar in Indonesia. Takoyaki is sold quite a lot in our country, friend, but for the matter of taste and sensation, of course it is quite comparable to the original place. This Takoyaki snack is a kind of bending food that is round in shape, inside it contains octopus meat.

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However, if you don’t want to eat it with octopus, you can you can choose other fillings, namely by replacing it with squid or shrimp. After it is cooked, Tayoki is served with mayonnaise and sauce, plus a sprinkle of dried fish flakes that look like onion skin.

4. Dango

This unique and unique food must be familiar to your ears, right? For those of you who like watching Japanese anime films, you must have heard it often. This dango is made from round rice flour like Takoyaki, this cake is made with different flavors, the taste choices range from red bean, sesame, to green tea flavor. Dango is like serving satay, where the dango ball is inserted into a wooden skewer. After that, the cake is doused with sugar sauce or red bean sauce.

8. Yakitori

Yakitori is actually chicken satay (skin, liver and gizzard). The chicken meat made with satay is grilled over charcoal. What makes this Yakitori special is the sauce seasoning, after the satay is cooked, the chicken satay is dipped in tare sauce, made from soy sauce, mirin, wine and sugar.

9. Taiyaki

This unique Japanese snack you should also try while on vacation there. Taiyaki, which is a cake in the shape of a fish. This cake is baked separately on the top and bottom, then after being cooked the two halves (top and bottom) are combined with red bean butter. Taiyaki is made from the main ingredients, namely flour, eggs, sugar, water , and bakpuder. It will taste more delicious Taiyaki is enjoyed while it’s still warm and hot.

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10. Mochi

In Indonesia, mochi is very popular in Sukabumi. Did you know? actually mochi is a light snack typical of Japan. Mochi is made from glutinous rice containing ground green beans or red beans, to make the appearance of mochi with natural food coloring. Once finished, mochi are round and ready to be served. The mochi texture is chewy and slightly sticky, this snack is very popular and also cheap.

5. Okonomiyaki

In the previous point there is such a thing as Takoyaki, there is also Okonomiyaki. So what’s the difference between these Japanese snacks? Takoyaki from its shape is round like a meatball, okonomiyaki is made with a flat shape resembling an omelet. The ingredients for okonomiyaki are eggs, meat, cabbage and wheat flour. These basic ingredients are processed, then cooked by frying. Once cooked, just like takoyaki, the presentation of okonomiyaki is added with sauce and mayonnaise, then sprinkled with dried fish on top.

6. Onigiri

This onigiri resembles rice balls, often appearing in Japanese cartoons. Onigiri are usually used as food supplies when going to school or picnics.

This onigiri is made from clenched rice in a triangular shape, inside it is filled with meat and sesame. After the shape with the filling has been made, the bottom is wrapped in nori or dried seaweed. Be Onigiri.

7. Ramen

Ramen is a delicious food, in Indonesia it’s called noodles. Ramen is served with thick gravy and boiled eggs, plus beef or chicken. Oh yes, it should be noted for Muslims, some ramen in Japan is served with pork. So choose the ramen served with beef or chicken.

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