Recommended Books for Self Development

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PLANCONG.COM – Recommended Books for Self Development. Reading books can be one of the relaxing and fun activities to do. Moreover, if the book that is read is themed or raises the topic of self-development, usually there will be a new spirit that grows and is more motivated to live a good life afterward. Well, this time we present eleven recommendations for good self-development theme books for you.

Recommended Books for Self Development
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These books can be interesting references for all of you who want to find good reading. Just take a look at the description below.

1. Yes to Life

The meaning and value of life, this topic is the main discussion in the book Yes to Life. This book can be a good reference for anyone who likes books with the theme of self-development. Also good to read for those who want to dig deeper into the search for the meaning of life. Who knows, after reading this book, we may again find a more meaningful meaning in life.

2. Meditations: The Stoic Way to a Happy Life

The Stoic Way to Live a Lively Life can be an interesting reference book for anyone who wants to understand Stoicism and at the same time do some self-reflection. There are many sentences that are comforting and heartwarming, there are also discussions that remind us of the importance of living this life well without having to feel too burdened. The twelve chapters in this book really feel “full” because they contain many aspects of life that are very close to the things that often arise in our own minds.

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3. Love for Imperfect Things

Love for Imperfect Things was written by Haemin Sunim, who previously wrote a book that has sold three million copies titled Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down. In this book, the author, who is a Zen Buddhist teacher and the most influential writer in South Korea, collects his reflections as he learns to see the world and himself more lovingly. The book with the theme of love as the main discussion was written based on the inspiration he got from people who shared life stories and questions during public lectures and through social media.

4.Loving the Wounded Soul

Loving the Wounded Soul is a very important book for all of us to read. Anyone can experience depression, although there are certain people who have different levels of vulnerability to depression. From this book, we can understand mental health more deeply through language that is very easy to digest. Coupled with Regis’ experiences as a depression survivor and psychology scholar, we get a lot of new insights into depression and the importance of loving yourself.

5.Man’s Search for Meaning

Everyone has their own way to seek and find meaning in their life. In Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl uses the term “logotherapy” to name his theory.

The word logos comes from a Greek word meaning “meaning.” It was explained that logotherapy believes that the struggle to find meaning in one’s life is the person’s main motivator. When we can find meaning in life, then we will always have a reason and passion to live life to the fullest.

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6.The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

The book The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down can be one of the right books to accompany you to rest.

The book, written by Haenim Sunim, who is a Zen monk and former lecturer at the liberal arts college in Massachusetts, contains several short essays and a collection of pearls of wisdom that can be a reflection of ourselves in a very busy world. Opening with a chapter entitled Rest, this book provides a relaxing and comforting reading experience.

7.Atomic Habits

Changing habits often becomes a kind of inner battle. Changing bad habits into better habits takes a process. In fact, often along the way, we always struggle and fail to build better habits.

Through Atomic Habits, James Clear shares a variety of useful information and tips that can be used to create new, better habits in our lives.

Hopefully the book recommendations above can be an interesting reference for you. Happy reading!