Recommended Delicious Fried Rice in Medan

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PLANCONG.COM – Recommended Delicious Fried Rice in Medan. The city of Medan is known to have a variety of culinary delights that are very delicious and delicious. Ranging from culinary soupy to dry. Talking about culinary, who doesn’t know this one of Indonesia’s most popular culinary?

Yes, fried rice! Fried rice has been named the number two most delicious food in the CNN version of the World since 2007. In the city of Medan it self, there are many shops and restaurants that sell this delicious menu. Here are recommendations for delicious fried rice in Medan that you can enjoy, at affordable prices and very tasty.

Recommended Delicious Fried Rice in Medan
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Fried rice is a dish that is quite simple, practical, and efficient. White rice, chili sauce, soy sauce, and of course salt are generally the main ingredients. For us, the most delicious fried rice we have ever eaten (of course) is made by my mother, which is served almost every morning as a breakfast menu.

Recommendations for Delicious Fried Rice in Medan

Surya Fried Rice – Location : Jl. S. Parman (Beside Piacevole), Medan Petisah, Medan.

Known for a long time, Surya’s fried rice is always crowded with people in Medan. Until now, this delicious fried rice still retains its taste. It’s no wonder that every day many people are willing to queue up to enjoy Surya’s fried rice. The way to cook fried rice is also still unique and special because it still uses a charcoal stove, not gas. As a result, the aroma of charcoal is the hallmark of Surya’s fried rice.

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One portion of fried rice will be equipped with an omelet and minced meat which is the right mix. Surya’s fried rice is ready to offer a five-star price of five-star fried rice. The location is not far from the city center, open from 17.00 to 00.00 WIB. In the afternoon, the road to the location will be blocked due to traffic jams, you can still order this fried rice.

Late Night Fried Rice – Location : Jl. Brigadier General Katamso No. 45 L, Sukaraja, Kec. Medan Maimun, Medan City.

The Fried Rice Stall All Night is no stranger to Medan residents, because it has been around since 1974. Even though it is located in a roadside area, the taste of the fried rice served is very delicious. Last night’s typical fried rice has a spicy and savory taste.

One portion of fried rice for Rp. 16,000, you can get an omelette, crackers, pickles and pieces of beef stew that have a sweet spicy taste. Open from 17.00 – 03.00 WIB. And even better, if you choose to take it home, the portion of fried rice can be much more. If you want to be fuller, just GoFood-in. don’t forget to use payments via GoPay to make it more practical.

Pandu Raya Fried Rice – Location : Jl. Brigadier General Katamso No. 222, Kp. New, District. Medan Maimun, Medan City.

Located in a street vendor area, Pandu Raya Fried Rice is located on Jalan Brigjend Katamso, Avros area. Like fried rice dishes in general, the standard menu served has an omelette and beef stew on top. But when it comes to taste, this fried rice is no less delicious than other master fried rice in the city of Medan. For the price, a portion of fried rice costs only IDR 10,000, very affordable, right?

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Youth Fried Rice – Location : Jl. Youth, Medan Maimun, Medan

This fried rice is one of the best in Medan City. It’s almost never empty of visitors because the taste of Pemuda-style fried rice is delicious and makes you addicted, you know. If you don’t believe it, just visit the location in the Medan Maimun area. The location is not far from the city center.

Wak Ribut Fried Rice – Location : Jl. S. Parman No. 192 E, Central Petisah, Kec. Medan Petisah, Medan City

This fried rice has a distinctive color from the color of soy sauce. It’s certainly tasty and delicious. You can choose an omelet or beef eye egg topping, depending on your taste. Even more delicious, you can also combine fried rice with stewed meat or fried chicken with a secret spice. A serving of fried rice is priced starting from Rp. 15,000.

Unfortunately, the Wak Ribut fried rice stall is not wide enough. So if you want to eat somewhere, be patient to get a seat. But don’t worry, orders to take home will not reduce the taste of the fried rice and will still be delicious for you to enjoy at home with your family.

The location of the Wak Ribut fried rice stall is strategic, because it is in the Multatuli area right across from RSIA Stella Maris. The area is jammed, the streets are narrow and there are a lot of vehicle horns being the reason this shop is named Wak Ribut.

Crazy Gondrong Fried Rice 81 – Location : Jalan L. Suprapto

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This is a place to eat fried rice that is not only famous in Medan, but also in other cities such as Jakarta. In Medan, you can find the branch on Jalan L. Suprapto. The portions are quite large with several menu choices. Starting from chicken sausage fried rice, to mixed lightning. For the spicy taste, it is divided into several levels. Just choose what suits your taste.