Sports Movements That Can Be Done While Undergoing Self-Isolation

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PLANCONG.COM – Sports Movements That Can Be Done While Undergoing Self-Isolation. While undergoing self-isolation, COVID-19 patients are strongly advised to maintain their fitness. This can be obtained by doing some sports while at home. Some light exercise movements for COVID-19 patients in their isolation period.

Sports Movements That Can Be Done While Undergoing Self-Isolation
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exercise for self-isolated patients that can be done is movement that can be measured. For example, like walking inside the house, it goes back and forth for 15 minutes.

It should be emphasized that sports activities should only be carried out by asymptomatic patients and patients who have a saturation level above 95 percent. Besides that, only light exercise is allowed.

Other light exercise movements that can be done by self-isolated patients are doing standing squats or they can also do squats every 30 seconds. If the self-isolating patient previously had routine exercise before being exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is more advisable to keep training his body condition so that he can maintain his body health.

“For those with symptoms, shortness of breath or saturation below 95 percent, it is not recommended to do excessive activities, especially activities that require more breathing. Not be forced. But if there are no symptoms, then the saturation is above 95 percent of course it is safe to exercise so you don’t just lie down even at home.

Make sure to keep checking the condition

Checking using an oximeter should also be carried out by the patient so that he can ensure that the oxygen in his body is maintained and the body can get its needs and function properly. Pulse monitoring also needs to be considered so that the body does not work excessively and is still able to do its work against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that infects the body.

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Light exercise is a recommended activity and in a recent study on COVID-19 patients, light exercise has been shown to help the body fight COVID-19 disease. In addition to maintaining physical health, mental health is also one of the main factors that must be considered by self-isolated patients along with balancing nutritional intake through healthy food and adequate rest.

Maintaining mental health is also important when doing self-isolation. This can be done by patients by keeping in touch virtually with family, friends, or relatives.