The Most Legendary Typical Javanese Food

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PLANCONG.COM – The Most Legendary Typical Javanese Food. Indonesia is known not only for having extraordinary natural tourism potential. But also the cultural diversity is very thick. With a very diverse cultural diversity, Indonesia has various types of typical food that are identical and have a very strong taste.

As if to show national identity by introducing its special food to all corners of the world. Having an archipelagic geographical structure, Indonesia offers a variety of specialties according to each region.

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Java Island is no exception, where this island has very thick Javanese culture and traditional specialties that are much sought after by local and foreign culinary lovers.

1. Gudeg

Gudeg is a typical food from Jogjakarta which is very famous. Who does not know food that has this sweet taste.Gudeg is made from young jackfruit which is processed and seasoned with spices and brown sugar to give it a distinctive sweet taste.

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In its presentation, gudeg is usually served with warm rice, side dishes of tofu, tempeh, marinated chicken head, marinated chicken feet, and chili sauce. This food is also very easy to find in Jogja on the sides of major roads that are open at night.

2. Lethek noodles (Mi Lethek)

It is called lethek noodles because it has a dull, dull color appearance which means lethek in Javanese. This food comes from Jogjakarta. Made from cassava and tropical flour and processed without preservatives or coloring, this makes the noodles’ color dull. Even though it has a dull appearance, this noodle has a very good taste.

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In the process of cooking this noodle is still very traditional using braziers and charcoal as fuel. By using this method, this noodle has a very delicious taste.

3. Oseng Mercon

Maybe not a few people misinterpret the name of this one food. The name is slightly anti-mainstream but has a super spicy taste. This food is made from melted meat with fat and beef gravel. For spicy culinary lovers, this food is perfect for tasting while visiting Jogja.

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No need to wait a long time to feel the spiciness of this food. Enough with the first bite you already feel a very pungent spicy sensation.

4. Gethuk

Getuk is also one of the most legendary Javanese specialties. It has a soft texture and sweet taste, perfect to eat with a cup of tea or coffee. Gethuk itself is made from very simple ingredients, namely from cassava. The boiled cassava is then pounded with a sugar mixture to give it a sweet taste.

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Gethuk itself has now gone through evolution by presenting a variety of very attractive colors. In addition, the presentation is usually added with a sprinkling of grated coconut which gives it a savory taste.

5.Jadah Tempe

Jadah tempe is a typical Javanese food that you can easily find in Sleman, in Kaliurang to be precise. This food can be called a traditional food that is very legendary and does not exist in other regions.

This food is made from glutinous rice and cooked with grated coconut and salt to give it a savory taste. After some of the ingredients are mixed and cooked then pounded until smooth.

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In serving, this food can be served with a close friend, namely tempeh bacem which has a sweet taste. The combination of sweet and savory flavors from these two foods gives a very good taste and is well worth trying.

7. Tiwul

This food is also very legendary because it has been around for a long time. In the past, this food had become a staple food for the people of Central Java when rice was very expensive.This food is prepared from the basic ingredients of cassava which is pounded with various kinds of spices and brown sugar. In its presentation, tiwul is served with additional grated coconut on top.

If you want to taste this food, you can easily find it in traditional markets which are usually sold by middle-aged women.

8. Bakpia