This Indonesian food is recognized as the most delicious in the world

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PLANCONG.COM – This Indonesian food is recognized as the most delicious in the world. In addition to rendang, it turns out that there are many Indonesian specialties that are recognized for their deliciousness in the world. Such as yellow rice, chicken soup, satay to instant noodles.

Having a variety of diverse dishes, Indonesia is often referred to as a hidden culinary treasure. Because its popularity is not as high as Korean, Japanese or Thai dishes that are already worldwide.

Even so, many Indonesian foods are included in the ranks of the most delicious dishes in the world. Like the typical Indonesian satay, which beats yakitori to kebab satay.

The diversity of Indonesian culture also gives birth to a variety of Indonesian specialties. Each region has its own characteristics and makes the culinary wealth of the country more colorful and known to many people not only at home but also abroad.

Indonesian cuisine has even become global. Many outsiders also like Indonesian food because of its rich taste and spices. In fact, some of them have been used as business models for some people.

This can be an opportunity for everyone to build a culinary business that has the potential to go international. Here are 5 types of Indonesian specialties that can be your inspiration in making a typical Indonesian food business.


In 2011, CNN named rendang the best food in the world. Culinary meat that is rich in spices managed to make everyone fall in love with the food. In fact, its delicacy is also recognized by people from all over the world.

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Rendang can be a business opportunity that can be exploited. Often sold in Padang food restaurants, rendang is often sought after by people. To make it, you need 4 hours to cook it so that the marinade is absorbed and the meat is tender.

2.Sate Ayam

This chicken satay snack wrapped in peanut sauce has been worldwide for a long time. The delicacy has even been recognized by many people in the world. The proof is that this food has become one of the popular menus at the Satay Junction restaurant in New York, United States.

The delicacy is also not only spread to America but also to various other countries. In China, chicken satay is a popular food consumed by the public at the international charity bazaar organized by the wife of the Chinese foreign minister, Madam Qian Wei in 2013. It seems that we no longer need to doubt the delicacy of this food because the world has recognized it.


This food, which is known for its variety of vegetables and a delicious splash of peanut sauce, once made Indonesia’s name smell good abroad. The reason is, this food became the winner in an international cooking competition held in Naples in 2010. At that time, Paula Astrid Unu was crowned the first winner for the category of dish display with her gado-gado cuisine.

The popularity of gado-gado has also crossed the globe, including several countries in the world such as the United States, France, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. In general, this food is sold by typical Indonesian culinary restaurants.

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4. Nasi Padang

Ingat lagu “Nasi Padang” yang sempat viral dan dibuat oleh bule norwegia bernama Audun Kivltan? Audun pun mengakui dan memuji kelezatan nasi Padang. Hangatnya nasi yang dicampur dengan lauk-lauk khas restoran Padang yang kaya rasa dan beraneka ragam mendorong Audun untuk membuat sebuah lagu yang menunjukkan kekagumannya akan masakan tersebut.

Tidak sampai disitu, kelezatan nasi Padang juga diakui oleh James Oseland. Dalam buku yang sama (Jakarta Street Food), James menganggap nasi Padang sebagai salah satu makanan yang kaya akan rasa dan membuatnya kagum saat menyantapnya.


When he visited Indonesia in 2010, the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, had a moment of nostalgia by tasting Indonesian foods that he often ate as a child.

He praised the deliciousness of the meatballs as well as other foods, such as fried rice. The famous culinary magazine from Uncle Sam’s country, Saveur also acknowledged the delicacy of meatballs. In a book entitled “Jakarta Street Food”, Chief Editor of Saveur magazine, James Oseland also likes meatballs and considers it a food that can arouse the appetite. These confessions can certainly make you more confident to sell meatballs.