Typical and delicious Acehnese cuisine, Mi Aceh to Keumamah

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PLANCONG.COM – Typical and delicious Acehnese cuisine, Mi Aceh to Keumamah. Aceh is an area located at the tip of the island of Sumatra which has natural and cultural beauty. Not only that, Acehnese food is also very unique with a tantalizing richness of taste. The food from the region which has the nickname “The Veranda of Mecca” is generally made from various spices so that it tastes very distinctive.

You have plans to go to Aceh and are curious about what food to try? The following are typical Aceh culinary recommendations that can spoil your tongue.

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List of Famous Acehnese Foods

Aceh noodles

The first food recommendation from Aceh that you may also already know is Mie Aceh. This food is a favorite of many people and is quite easy to find even outside Aceh.

Mie Aceh has a characteristic that is noodles that have a fairly thick texture with various toppings such as shrimp, beef, and other seafood.

There are two types of serving for this noodle, namely fried noodles and soup noodles. Both have a strong taste because they use quite a lot of spices.

To make it more delicious, Mie Aceh is served with pickles and emping crackers. You can also adjust the taste of Aceh Mie, whether you want it to be spicier or more savory.

Canai bread

The next delicious Acehnese food that you can enjoy is Roti Canai. This cuisine is more or less influenced by Indian culture and you can also find it in Singapore or Malaysia.

Another name for this bread is Roti Maryam and has a flat round shape. This bread-making technique goes through a baking process, until there is a blackish color on various sides.

Originally, this bread has a bland taste but over time there are various variations of taste. Besides being able to be enjoyed by eating directly, this bread is also suitable for you to eat with goat curry.

Aceh Martabak

Aceh Martabak

If you visit a Mie Aceh restaurant, there is one menu that is commonly ordered by customers, namely Martabak Aceh.

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At first glance, Martabak Aceh has the same shape as other egg martabak. However, it turns out that the skin of this martabak uses canai bread so that the taste of this martabak becomes more different.

The contents of this martabak are also quite diverse, such as beef or chicken. The hallmark of Martabak Aceh is that there is a mixture of shallots and chilies on the top of the martabak. Some martabak aceh are also equipped with curry sauce which is rich in spices.

This makes the taste of this food more spicy, savory and distinctive. You can enjoy this food as an afternoon snack.

Eungkot Keumamah

As one of the regions that has abundant marine wealth, of course, Acehnese fish dishes are one of its mainstays. One of the Aceh cuisines made from processed fish is Eungkot Keumamah.

This food is made from skipjack and tuna. Before processing it, Acehnese people dry the fish for several days until the water runs out.

This is why, the shape becomes dry and resembles wood, so people also call it wood fish. After drying, the fish is boiled together with water and other spices to create a thick taste. This food is also often served by the Acehnese people for various celebrations or parties or celebrations.

Pliek U gravy

Do you want to enjoy delicious soupy food? The typical food of Aceh Kuah Pliek is the best choice. Pliek U or Patarana is the basic ingredient of this food, which is the leftover coconut that has been squeezed oil.

This food looks like curry which contains various kinds of vegetables such as chayote, eggplant, melinjo, kaffir lime leaves, curry leaves to kecombrang. In addition, there are also shrimp which make this food more savory and rich. Not only delicious, it turns out that this food also has a deep meaning for the people of Aceh.

This food is a symbol of the diversity and kinship of the Acehnese people which is depicted through a large cauldron.

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Timphan. Looking for Acehnese cakes that you can eat while relaxing? Timphan is one of the light but filling snacks that you can taste.

This food is made from glutinous rice flour mixed with coconut milk so that the texture is dense and chewy. Then, there are various fillings for a richer taste, such as jackfruit, sweet potato, plantain, or grated coconut.

Furthermore, Timphan is wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. In this way, Timphan has a distinctive and fragrant aroma.

You can find this food quite often at various traditional events and parties of the Acehnese people. For tourists, they also often buy Timphan as souvenirs.

Catch Chicken

Processed chicken is very common and you can find it in various regions. However, Aceh also has delicious chicken preparations that are certainly appetizing.

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This dish is made from fried chicken using Acehnese spices and herbs. During the frying process, some leaves are added to make the spices more pervasive.

Once ripe, the leaves are also served in the food plate. The taste is very delicious and the fragrant aroma will surely make anyone become tempted.

To make the food more delicious, there are some dry vegetables to complete the dish. Because the shape of the presentation is not neat, this food also has another name, namely chicken tsunami.



One of the viral Acehnese foods is Memek. This food had become viral because of its name, but don’t worry, this food does not have dirty pronunciation. The way the e reads in this name is like the “bracelet” and becomes one of the delicious Aceh specialties.

For those of you who like sweet food, Memek is a dish that you must try. This dish is made of white glutinous rice roasted together with bananas. The sweet taste and fragrant aroma are the main attraction of this food.

For the people of Aceh, the word memek means biting or chewing. Naming the name of this dish cannot be separated from the habits of the ancient Acehnese people who like to chew sticky rice and mix it with bananas.

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Despite much controversy, the name of this food will not change because it is a cultural heritage.

Curry Thi Boh Arrow

The choice of delicious West Aceh food that attracts the attention of culinary lovers is Gulai Thi Boh Panah. This food is quite unique because it is made of young jackfruit which is cut into small pieces and then seasoned.

However, if this food is served at a party, then in general there is goat meat or buffalo meat. However, not everyone can eat these foods, especially those with digestive problems.

According to the people of Aceh, jackfruit is one of the wind-inducing foods that can cause flatulence.


From North Aceh, there are North Aceh specialties that are no less appetizing. This food is Keumamah which is the favorite food of the people of Aceh.

Keumamah is made from tuna that is cooked until it becomes shredded. First, the fish is boiled and then dried in the sun all day, and after that it is covered with spices to make the taste richer.

These foods include durable foods that can even last up to 1 month.

Samalanga salad

The next typical Acehnese food is Rujak Samalanga which is a food that contains a variety of fresh fruit. The fruits that you can find in this salad are papaya, pineapple, mango, kedondong, yam to cucumber.

The whole fruit is cut into small pieces and doused with a spicy and fresh peanut sauce. Not only spicy, this rujak also has a sweet and astringent taste from the addition of grated banana stones. This makes the salad has a more distinctive and unique texture.